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            In this section you will find links to sites offering either royalty-free texts (mostly classics) or texts that are freely accessible for any other reason (although the copyright remains by the authors and must be acknowledged in each distribution).

(You can use them as source for new vocabulary or full sentences to be learnt with VTrain. Clip words from them and import the words into flashcard Decks by means of our freeware

For ebooks in a specific language, visit the appropriate language-specific page.

For more information about electronic texts visit
Online Books FAQ by Thomas Dell (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)


Links to etexts
E-Book readers
Copyright issues

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Links to etexts

      Project Gutenberg (CERN mirror no longer exists) - Several European languages, mainly English.
Endorsed by volunteers all around the world. Donations accepted.
University of Columbia
The European Library 150 million entries. A free service that offers access to the resources of the 47 national libraries of Europe in 20 languages. Resources can be both digital or bibliographical (books, posters, maps, sound recordings, videos, etc.).
Rice University : choose "Literature, Electronic Books and Journals" or search by subject.
Electronic Text Center (Univ. of VA)
- 45000 texts in twelve languages.
IPL Internet Public Library (Michigan)
Books On-line
- an enervatingly busy server.
Digital Libraries
Bibliomania (Data Text Processing Ltd. )
Bartleby (Columbia U.)
PEAL -- U. of Penn., Dept. of English
The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
Philosophy (at U. of Idaho)
Oxford Archive
Richard Bear
The LOGOS Collection of Electronic Books (Wordtheque) From an Italian translation company
Savetz's Unofficial Public Domain Index
Logos Wordtheque - Large list of languages, includes links to Project Gutenberg.

Logos' Wordtheque is a gigantic searchable database of literature. Some of the books are available in sound format. *****

Bilingual texts (!)

Children's Literature Web Guide

E-Book readers


An "ebook reader" has certain advantages over a regular plain text editor or viewer. The ideal ebook reader allows customizing font typeface and size, and supports voice commands.

  • Gutenbrowser (free) searches for, downloads, and displays e-texts. A text-to-speech add-on is available! *****
  • Adobe eBook Reader (formerly Glassbook Reader) for PDF texts.
  • Microsoft Reader [also available for Pocket PC], supports audio books, too.
  • Read Assistant txt, rtf, doc, and html viewer. Hands-free reading. Scroll speed scaling. Bookmarking of passages.
  • EtextViewer (free) txt viewer. Automatic scrolling. 5 bookmarks.
  • EBK (free) txt, rtf viewer. Bookmarks.

Ebook readers for platforms other than Windows:


Copyright issues

      A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities by Melvin E. Page. Useful if you need to reference texts from the Internet in footnotes or bibliography.
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