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If you live in
Europe and wish to purchase a Prepaid Card, you can contact a bank in your area:
  Albanian flag   Albania
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Austrian flag   Austria: see our website in German
  Belarusian flag   Belarus
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Belgian flag   Belgium: see our website in French
  Bosnian flag   Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Bulgarian flag   Bulgaria
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Croatian flag   Croatia
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
MasterCard: Prepaid Kartica
  French flag   France: see our website in French
  German flag   Germany: see our website in German
  Union Jack   Great Britain: see United Kingdom below.
  Greek flag   Greece
      MasterCard: Proplhromenh Karta (MasterCard Prepaid)
  Irish flag   Ireland
      3V: 3V Voucher (Visa)
AIB Bank: Prepaid MasterCard
Bank of Ireland:
PerfectCard: PerfectCard MasterCard
Payzone: Payzone Prepaid MasterCard -Available in 8,000 retailers across Ireland
Tuxedo: Ruby MasterCard® Prepaid Card
Many offers in the United Kingdom are also open for Ireland residents.
  Italian flag   Italy
      Banca Popolare Italiana: Kalibra
Poste Italiane: Postepay
UniCredit: Quick / Quick Free
  Lithuanian flag   Lithuania
      Rietumu Banka: Visa Virtual Card
  Luxembourgish flag   Luxembourg
      Banque Invik: EveryWhereMoney (Visa / MasterCard)
  Macedonian flag   Macedonia (FYROM)
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Moldovan flag   Moldova
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Montenegrin flag   Montenegro
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Dutch flag   Netherlands
      Markt Plaza: PrePaid Visa Creditcard (Gift Card)
  Polish flag   Poland
      Bankowiec: Maestro Karta Przedplacona (Maestro Prepaid)
  Portuguese flag   Portugal
      Banco Comercial Português: Cartão E+ (corporate customers only) / Cartão Millenium bcp Free
Banco Espiritu Santo: Pocket BES / Cartão BES Selecção Nacional / YO! Card (for teenagers)
BBVA: see our website in Spanish
(La) Caixa: see our website in Spanish
Caja Badajoz: see our website in Spanish
Caja Duero: see our website in Spanish
Caja Madrid: see our website in Spanish
Similar products:
Banco Comercial Português: MBNet (a software that generates virtual card numbers)
  Romanian flag   Romania
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Russian flag   Russia
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
MasterCard: Predoplachennyja Karta (MasterCard Prepaid)
  Serbian flag   Serbia
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Spanish flag   Spain: see our website in Spanish
  Swedish flag   Sweden
      MasterCard: Förbetalt Kort (MasterCard Prepaid)
  Swiss flag   Switzerland: see our website in German
  Turkish flag   Turkey
      Garanti Bank: Garanti e-Ticaret (Virtual MasterCard)
  Ukrainian flag   Ukraine
      Visa: Visa prepaid cards
  Union Jack   United Kingdom
Card issuers:

Bullring (Birmingham): Bullring Gift Card (Maestro)
Entropay: Virtual Prepaid Card / Prepaid MasterCard
Payzone: Payzone Prepaid MasterCard -Available in 5,000 outlets throughout the U.K.
PixPay: Crystal Prepaid MasterCard
Royal Mail: Post Office Prepaid Visa Card
Trafford Centre (Manchester): Trafford Centre Gift Card (Visa)
Tuxedo: Tuxedo MasterCard Prepaid Card
Prepaid card brands:
American Express: Travellers Cheque Card
MasterCard: MasterCard Prepaid
Visa: Visa prepaid cards
Comparison of prepaid cards available in the UK:
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  Globe   Other countries
      Visa CEMEA: Visa in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Visa Europe: Visa in Western Europe and Israel.
MasterCard International
American Express International
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